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One of Chef Jacques' favorite dishes is bouillabaisse, a  Provençal seafood stew.





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Jacques Boiroux is the founder and principal of Jacques & Company, a Seattle-based food and wine consulting firm offering services to corporations and trade associations throughout the United States. 

For more than ten years, Jacques Boiroux shared his expertise with the five upscale Metropolitan Markets, formerly Queen Anne Thriftway.  As Vice President for Research & Development, Jacques was responsible for home-meal replacement programs, proprietary-signature-private label products, product selection, imports, flavor expansion initiatives, negotiation of product costs and terms.  Jacques developed “The Kiosk” offering cooking demonstrations for preparation of daily meals in imaginative and simple ways, and providing “Good Cuisine” recipe cards for use at home.  Jacques’ frequent trips to Europe uncovered wonderful and unique foods for importation and sale in Metropolitan Markets. 

As creator of Chef Jacques, a biweekly cooking television show on KIRO-TV, a CBS affiliate in Seattle, Jacques offered cooking demonstrations and recipes to viewers.  In addition to hosting Chef Jacques, Jacques’ numerous television and radio appearances include those with Julia Child, Oakland A‘s fundraisers, and as spokesperson for the North American Blueberry Council

Chef Jacques’ fascination with culinary arts began as a young man in the Loire valley of France.  His education includes a three-year apprenticeship at Le Mans France, graduating as First Apprentice Chef, and food and beverage management courses at Northeastern University, Boston. Upon arriving in North America, he worked for the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, one of Montreal’s grandest.  He was recruited to be a member of the grand opening team for the Sheraton Boston, now one of the city’s most popular hotels.  His experience with large-scale institutional food and beverage service led him to Dallas, Texas where he served as Sky Chef Supervisor for American Airlines.  In Jacques’ many travels around the United States, he discovered the fresh meats, seafoods, fruits and vegetables of the Pacific Northwest, which reminded him of his homeland.  Taking this cue, Jacques moved to Seattle, serving as Executive Chef at Mirabeau Restaurant atop the Seattle-First National Bank Tower.

Jacques’ vast knowledge and interest in food and wine inspired him to open the nationally renowned Le Tastevin in Seattle, rated as one of the best French restaurants in the country.  The many awards this restaurant received include the Wine Spectator’s Grand Award for eight consecutive years; Best French Restaurant1988-1990, Pacific Northwest Readers Polls; First Place, San Francisco Crab Cooking Olympics 1984; American Regional Cuisine award 1984. 

Chef Jacques is active with the Queen Anne Helpline, Alliance Française of Seattle, American Food and Wine Society, Puget Sound Shellfish Growers Association, and Culinary Art Institute of Seattle.  Jacques is a board member of the French & American Chamber of Commerce.